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gaming for 2011

little big planet 2,mass effect 2,dead space 2,marvel vs. capcom 3,pokemon black and white,dragon age 2,Assasens creed brotherhood,crysis 2,portal 2,socom 4,brink,fable 3,infamas 2,red faction,Duke nukum forever,legend of zelda makes a comeback,F.E.A.R 3,resident evil 3D,pacman makes a comeback,from dust,human revolution,dead island,resistance 3,rise of nightmares,star fox makes a comeback,gears of war 3,splinter cell makes a comeback,dark souls,rage,ace combat comes back,ratchet and clank makes a come back,kirbys back,battlefeild 3,sonics 20th annivirsery,uncharted 3,modern warfare 3,skrim,mario in 3d,assasins creed revelations,halo annivirsery 10th,ultimate marvel vs. capcom 3,minecraft for xbox,

all of this……………………….I wonder what 2012 has for us?



thank you!

thank you all for the supportive guys have really inspired me.if you would like to put a link to my sight on your sight go right ahead.Also you guys are really giving me to much credit. what i do is simple.also id like you guys to stop placeing spam comments on my sight,thank you.also id really love you guys to answer the post “What is your favorite Video Game Character” post in the questions catogory.more post coming soon.and again thank you!!!!!!!!

(sorry for bad grammer i dont think it matters that much)

what would you like to see on my blog?

what would you like to see on my blog? your comments have inspired me to ask you what videos trailers or other related material I should put on my blog. and remember it must have to do with video games.also tell me how you like my background.comment!

video game 10 commandments

1.there is only 1 video game god and that is the rabbit at gamestop that says “power to the players”
2.there are no video game spinoffs not misuse its name ex:holy video game)
4.obey video game anniversarys what video game characters tell you (not in real life just games) not shoot or throw game disc all game related game material eqauly not hack into someones account and steal there weapons not make tall-tales like mario wearing sunglasses without gaming lisence not take jealousy because some one made it to a level you didnt

Whats your favorite video game character?put it in the coments

current leader-sonic